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  1. So I found a TRS cable and plugged it in and it seems to be working fine. None of the knobs seem loose. I do appreciate all of your help.
  2. That's what I was thinking as well. I noticed they have a jack plate assembly; I thought that might be the problem.
  3. Thank-you for your prompt reply: I did check the battery while attached to the cable and it was full (4 green lights). Good idea on the TRS cable; I will try that after work along with checking if the knobs are loose.
  4. Hi. I have had my JTV-69 for about 3 years. Last year I had an issue where it wouldn't turn on (cable connected and pushing down on the volume knob didn't do anything). I sent it back for repairs and everything seemed fine. Just recently I've experienced a twist on this. It works fine when plugged in via a Variax cable to my POD XT Live, but when I plug in a guitar cable it doesn't want to turn on for some reason. I've heard about the possible remedy of stuffing a wad of paper inside the volume knob to make a better connection but where it turns on when connected via Variax cable makes me think it's something more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a new Spider V 120 and am using a FBV shortboard as my foot controller. How do I use the FBV to do looping?
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