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  1. Hello, I am having the same problem with my JM4. It's coming out of all my outputs. It's a hiss or a static with mine. Tried many options cords. plugs everything I could think of. It's still under warranty. It's only 6 months old. I will be sending mine to be fixed. Unless someone here gives m answers to solve the problem. Worked fine for the first 2 months then I plugged in one day and had static or hiss. Help
  2. Hello all, I tried to put my JM4 at the end of my guitar signal. So I could send my effects to the JM4, Not using the on board ones. For some reason it didn't give me any sound through the JM4 to record. I couldn't figure out why and gave up. Is there a way of doing this? I need to record a rythym track using different reverb effects that I want to loop. Without using any on board effects or sounds. Anyyone's help with this would be appreciated.
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