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  1. I recently bought a s used JTV69 missing a tremolo arm - Long and McQaude in Canada can't get one to me for 6 months. The Line6 parts site flatly won't ship to Canada. Is there a generic or other brand Trem arm that will work - like PRS or Fender?
  2. I'm in the thick of this too. Instead of an Amp I'm using the Atomic Amplifire Modeler - which has an effects loop (mono out - stereo return). When I apply the four cable method - I'm missing one. With that little graphic on page <9> of the manual - where does the other cable come from? that goes in my second stereo effects return does it come from the 'right' output? Or like the 'ghost' 7 cable method suggests - from the second 'return'.
  3. I picked up an HX effects unit on the weekend after renting a Helix LT. What impressed me the most is how Line 6 has figured out component modelling in their drive and dirt pedals. For example their version of the Fultone OCD is virtually identical to the one I have. All of the 'in front of the amp' stuff sounds incredible (compressors etc.), but I want to employ the 4 cable method on my Atomic Amplifire and keep the headphone/outputs stereo. The official HX effects Manual (page 9) shows a 4 cable diagram, but with only mono effects return - the Atomic has a stereo effects loop (the return portion). Is this possible? Would I just add the cable from the right output of the HX to the right channel of the effects return on the Amplifire? Also I need to have signal flow place the drive affects before the 'amp' block (in this case that would be the Atomic Amplifire) - there's on Youtube video out there that show this but it's so fast it's hard to catch - are there a writtten step by step instructions for this?
  4. Getting results! Thanks - Now it seems the gain increase only happens in the very last 1/4 inch the the Expression Pedal - more like switch a boost on than a gradual increase. I can tweak that. Again, thanks folks!
  5. I tried EXP2 as well as EXP1 - same reaction - the entry disappears.... Should I NOT have the FS ASSIGN set to EXP TOE SWITCH?
  6. I also calibrated the peadal using these instructions : http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/pod/pod-hd500-hd500x/pod-hd500xhd500-pedal-calibration-r161 When I set the expression pedal as I did the the post above - as soon as I depress the exp pedal to it's maximum - its entry in the controller section dissappears.
  7. That didn't work - I went to controllers and set it up this way: Model=Brit J-800, Parameter=drive, FS Assign=EXP TOE SWITCH, CONTROLLER=EXP-1. Minimum 17%, Maximum=27% (these settings are 'White' on the controller page). I also tried adding a volume/pan pedal after the mixer to the effects...no go - could my HD 500 possible have a defective expression pedal?
  8. Can anyone explain how to get the HD500 expression pedal to control the Drive Level of a particular Amp model - using the editor? (not the knobs on the top of the unit) I know this can be done - but there appears to be nowhere online that explains how.
  9. This has been discussed before, but I can can't believe there's not a solution. I want to have my electric guitar patches routed to the unbalanced lines going to my guitar amp and the acoustic patches going to the PA via the XLR's. Since I play acoustic and electric parts in the same song I need the switch between acoustic and electric guitar to be possible with one patch switch, not some external switching box. Is this possible with the POD HD500?
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