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  1. Which Flextone series had the same sounds as the ORIGINAL POD 2.0? I know that somewhere along the line, before HD or any of that, POD 2.0 was revamped. Assuming that the same change(s) were made to the Flextone amps, I need to know which models had that original sound set.
  2. hey, Line 6—any plans to make a Varian Standard with a maple fingerboard? thx.
  3. what's the difference between the px-2 and px-2g adapters? i just bought what i thought were 2g's, but they're 2's. any idea if that's a problem? thx!
  4. This seems simple enough, but I can't find the answer. Can I plug an iPod into the Mobile In (as well as a guitar) and just play along?
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