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  1. Hi Silverhead. What you say makes sense. I am sorry if I don't answer more about it in particular, since I can just agree altogether. Tonight I could use the Firehawk FX for the first time in the band setting, and I love the device. It really is what I hoped for. Let's hope it will last for a long time.
  2. Hi! Since my brother wrote instead of me I will answer this. I am NOT looking for just an effects unit. I am looking for something that will complement my Variax Standard. If it was just effects units, it would be crazy to find the right one. Several months ago, I tried out a Zoom multi-effect unit and while the sounds were okay, I just about could not handle the unit. Way too complicated for me. 1. I had a Traynor Valve amp, a floor board with about 10 effects pedals and I play mostly at home. I will need to downsize since we are expecting a boy in a couple of moths. 2. I will once a year be in a practice room, once every two years or so I will have a little gig. There are a lot of happy customers, that is true. BUT! I was also happy when I owned a Marshall 100TSL. I spent so much money on it, I was blinded. The thing was too big, too cumbersome, too difficult to move around and not versatile enough. If anybody asked me though how I liked it, I was boasting and told everyone I loved it. I spent so much money on it and I didn't want to admit it was a mistake. Not saying everyone who owns a Helix (LT) is like that, but I am sure a lot of people are "blinded" by what they paid in a similar wy. I used a POD once at my guitar teacher when I was 18 (that's 17 years ago, getting old). I owned a HD147 that I still would own if it didn't have strange noises come out from the back of it and if it was easier to use, i. e. changing banks and setups. I looked at the HD500 and I dislike again and the sheer amount of possibilities is crazy. It is nearly overwhelming. I need maybe 10 percent of what that unit is able to deliver. I own the Firehawk FX for two days now. While equally blinded as stated above with the Marshall, there is no money-mojo involved, no youth's dream coming true, no emphasis on expensive gear. My quest was to find a unit that is easy to use and delivers a tone that is good. I did not use the Bluetooth really. I LOVE my tablet and I use it for a lot of things, but you are right: For me, that will not change anything. It basically does not matter yet. If it didn't have this feature, I think I would have bought it also. Well, that is on the condition that I'd have a possibility to change tones and presets on my desktop. In my mind, Phones and Tablets are used for whatever, but I agree with you. I am a simpleton. There is a certain beauty in just dialing all the buttons in a Marshall or Vox or Fender Amp and just enjoy that sound. And then the reality of a cover guitarist hits, and that wonderful tone just doesn't help you with all the other things you want to play. I did not see the outside of the box, but I hear you. For me, all tone producing parts, from the mind over the fingers over the guitar and so on and so are always some kind of compromise. the collection of tools that you use needs to be better than its individual parts though. That is why a combination of Variax and Firehawk FX seems so appealing. You tell me? I was looking at it for a good bit, thinking about how to make money available. I agree! That is actually a really good thought. I guess because they were subjectively not happy with their sounds. The same can happen to users of other devices. Thanks a lot! I hope that the Firehawk FX will be all that. If it is not, that's okay. The price was low, and so far it does exactly what I want. It did! I hear you! For some people, what I paid was expensive, I consider it very reasonable. For someone who KNOWS s/he will use a certain setup for decades to come, an expensive setup might very well be a steal because they will get so much "mileage" out of it. Do you think they will now push towards new products and stop supporting old ones all together?
  3. Hi! So I just went and ordered one with a nice little bag. Let's see how it will do!
  4. Hi guys! I am actually the brother that pac_man mentioned. :-) Just wanted to say hi! Yeah so I am really considering the Firehawk because it seems to be what I need: Easy to use, not overloaded, straight forward. But a lack of attention from Line6 is kind of hard, to be honest, and doesn't make me want to get it really. The Helix is WAY too overloaded for my tastes, I don't need about 75% of what it does, and then I don't want to spend that kind of money on it. Leaves the POD, but really: I'd rather go for the Firehawk. What does it mean for a user if the support is over? Does it mean they won't fix bugs anymore? Is it 100% usable right now? Buddy299 mentioned some Bluetooth issues...
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