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  1. Many thanks for that, psarkissian - sadly, I don't have the "old" Workbench (it was three computers ago, and I never used it) but I downloaded the 1.73 Workbench and 1.77 Line Monkey (didn't have that one either) apps the other day - only because I couldn't do the update without them (!). Can I download the "old" one just to take backups as you suggest before I use the current one as the second stage of the update? Or will the 1.73 make the backups? On the other hand, as this gets more complicated, and as an elderly bear of little brain, I may just soldier on with the old patches . . . . . . love what computers can do - hate doing stuff that could mean they never work again!
  2. Newbie, so sorry if dim . . . . quote from notes on updating: " Be sure to backup any custom presets that you may have for future reference; however, note that Variax 1.X presets will not work with the 2.0 firmware." I want to update a JTV59 from 1.71 to latest HD/workbench - surely the above can't mean that my own presets (being presumably 1.X) won't work any more?? I guess it means the factory preset sounds won't work, and will be substituted by the new HD ones - I'm not going anywhere near any monkeys until I know I'm not going to be redesigning over 80 presets (!) . . . help please? Cheers, Weedsy
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