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  1. It's on the far left of my m13...the knobs that adjust the settings (ie. Level, Mix, Feedback) seem to not go all the to zero or all the way to 100...its strange. The other pedals work...just the bank on the left...its almost if they arent calibrated..etc. I have no expression pedal setup or have done any firmware updates. I'm going to check if it's like it in different scenes or not. Thanks, Russ
  2. Well, the warbley sound came back at last nights practice. So, I switch presets and back, it went away.. then in the middle of the ZZ Top 'La Grange' solo, where there are they high artificial harmonics going on.. the amp just turned off and then turned back on, with half lights & then off again.. then I smelled a strong burnt plastic smell and I unplugged it from the wall and a small stream of smoke came out the back :( Still a RMA issue? w/90 per hr and parts... in 3 hrs, I could buy a new amp?
  3. WOW, ok thanks! Contacted the RMA dept. already.. waiting to hear back..
  4. So, using the Spider IV 75 watt amp in a live band situation. At higher volumes, my Van Hagar preset (mod w/ some chorus/delay/reverb) starts to get a warbley type sound... like just a modulation sounding issue, like if I was to turn on some heavy chorus with great depth and rate. If I turn to another preset and back it's fine for a bit then comes back. Anyone experience this? It's only after the amp has been on for a bit (20-30 mins) and playing at louder volumes, say 9:45/10 o' clock position, nothing pass half though. Do you think it might just be a preset issue? Not sure if it does it with other presets. Thanks, Russ
  5. Thanks man! We will see.. if not.. looks like I will be playing more out of my 5150 amp w/fx loop! :) I just love that little spider amp in my bedroom. Do you know if any of the spider amps have a fx loop in the back? I know they are primarily for effect built-in and sound great, but I think the Line6 heads have fx loops. Just wondered if that mkII combo amp did... Thanks, Russell
  6. Hey Guys - I'm just wondering if anyone has used the Spider IV amp with a external Eventide PitchFactor pedal? I know the amp doesn't have the standard FX loop, just wondering if running direct sounds good... or to see if anyone has done it? Thanks, Russ
  7. I was wanting to hook up a Eventide Harmonizer to the Spider IV - particularly the stompbox variety. Being a owner of bigger tube amps with EFX loops, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever experimented running external effects with the amp, due to the fact, you would have to run it direct (ie no EFX loop option). Thanks! Russo
  8. I have and there is nothing.. it was a little Supplement Paper Of Settings that came with the amp!...Anyone just bought a new Spider IV amp out there? And can help me out? Thanks! PS - I think I will email Line6..then I will post it for all!
  9. Hi Mike - yeah I have tried tried to search for the 'Black Magic Woman' tone. Thanks for the effort, none of the .pdfs have it. It wasn't a guide, it was a simple supplement piece of paper. It had a Eddie Van Halen setting and the BMW. I guess I will never find it..I will have to keep searchin' my messy room & studio.
  10. Can please someone help me... there was a Supplement Paper of Tones that came w/my amp... and I can't find it. Can someone help me... does someone have this paper? Or can share the tones. Really looking for the 'black magic woman' tone that was described. Thanks, Russo
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