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  1. It's working with out a cable plugged into the amps return. Removing the fx send - amp return fixed it and allowed me to use my amps post volume. Thanks for all the replies!
  2. Thanks again for the reply. Yes the fx loop is turned on and I've tried it all over the chain. The send and return levels are default
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. Yea that's the way my cables are hooked up. I tried changing it to line in but didn't seem to change much. Yes, without the pod if the post goes above 1 or 2 it's impossible to talk over. The mixer settings are panned center.
  4. hello everybody, I'm having a bit of a problem achieving high volume with my hd 500 hooked up to my peavey 5150 using the four cable method. At the moment when my pod is hooked up I can talk over my amp at max volume. There is no problem with how it sounds, just the volume. When increasing the lead post volume with the pod hooked up, I hear my amp get more distorted and noisy, but the guitar volume stays the same. Settings: The master volume on my pod is 100% with the 1/4" out settings set to amp, and guitar in set to normal. Guitar -> pod guitar in pod fx send -> amp guitar in Pod R/mono -> amp return Pod fx return -> amp fx send
  5. I have a bad "View" button on my Pod HD 500. The button doesn't click or make any sound like the other buttons (Save, Enter, or Move). Whenever my pod is turned on it will randomly change menus. (Like the view button is always half way pushed down) So I cant even use it right now because when I push a footswitch the Pod will be on a random menu causing it to change tones. Any help would be appreciated.. thanks.
  6. roesler13

    Home Button

    Its not that it doesn't push down.. it already looks like its lower than the other buttons.(or partially pushed down) Electric spray cleaner is my only option right now?
  7. roesler13

    Home Button

    The home button on my Pod HD 500 is causing some problems. Simply bumping any part of the pedalboard or lifting it will cause the home button to trigger... but even just leaving it sit there on the floor the pod will some times (at random), rapidily flip through screens because the "Home" button is not working properly. I can't even use my tuner because once I activate it the home button will close it out within seconds. How can I fix this? And of course every service center is over 3 hours from me. The home button no longer makes a clicking sound when pushing it.
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