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  1. Hi Guru Thanks for that. It will be interesting to hear from anyone (or even someone from L6 directly) whether it is the case that the POD can only be a Master and not Slave. To be honest, I'd suspect it is not the case because once I set the POD to Match SPDIF everything works perfectly. So the issue is not so much whether it can work in that set up, but rather why it comes up with message each time I turn it on. Aside form that, I have the EMU connected to a Lavry DA10, and that can only be a Slave, so the EMU really does need to be master. As for cables, I do need to get something proper. But what I'm using at the moment is working fine. I'm cheating a little by using BNC cables with phono style adapters at each end. It's Neutrik and Van Damme so good quality, but I think it would better not to use adapters in the long run. But for this problem I'm having, I don't think the cable plays a part. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi all I've not been here for quite a while. I want to check in on some of my older threads and posts, but when I look at "My Content" it is restricted to the last year. How can I look further back than that? Cheers Max
  3. Hi all For a long time know I have had my POD XT Pro connected to my soundcard breakout box via analogue (I've got an EMU 1820M). The breakout box is out of action at the moment, so instead I have connected the POD to the SPDIF PCI card inputs and outputs. I then set the POD to "Format - Match SPDIF" on the digital out screen, and "DIGOUT - SPDIF" on the Global Options. All works great.... Until I turn off the POD and switch it back on again, at which point I get the message in the thread title. It's not the end of the world. I can navigate to the digital out screen and change Format from "44.1kHZ / 24 Bit" (which it defaults to) to "Match SPDIF" and all is well again. Until I next turn it off. Is there any way of sorting this out so I don't have to do that every time I turn the thing on? Many thanks Max
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Well, it is definitely a L6 PSU. The specs are 9V AC 2000mA, so I'm guessing it should be fine to use. The other details on the unit are: PART NO.: 11-32-0003 MODEL: MWA 48 - 0902000E. Cheers
  5. Hi all It has been quite some time since I've been on these forums... And everything has changed!!! Under "my Topics / Posts" it is showing nothing, so I'm presuming that all of my threads and post from yesteryear have either been deleted or stored away in some kind of archive forum. I wondered if anyone could let me know what the situation is, whether my old threads/posts are still accessible, and if so how? Many thanks Max
  6. Hi all It's been a long while since I used my Pod XT because I also have a POD XT Pro. Anyhow, I've started using it again recently and I have two power supplies for it - a PX-2 and a MWA 48. I hope to use both (one will be permanently installed in the studio, the other in my gig bag). What's the difference between the power supplies? Is there one or are they exactly the same? Also, what L6 units does the MWA 48 actually belong to? Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks Max
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