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  1. i am totally sold on this thing... i was fooling around with it yesterday not really happy with the tone.. and then i thought the best way to address a sterile amp is play with the reverb a bit give the note a bit more room to dig in.. and so i adjusted the mix on the verb and WOW!! the sounds were every bit as glassy and bloomy as my old DAW running amplitube 4.. it will never be as good as a kemper or axe fx but for what these things are selling for right now used and the ability to connect to the ipad and all the audio goodies that you can play with loops and drum machines and sequencers and if i can ever figure out how to get a IPAD camera connection kit to work so i can use the FFX as a audio interface to run all the Positive grid line of sim amps on the ipad... the creative possibilities are endless... i just need to figure out how best to adress the Camera connection Kit issue... right now there is some sort of hum in the signal going in to Positive Grid.. i went with a real cheap CCK so that may be it... . or gain is too high on signal going in or too high coming out... duno... but i was just using the FFX yesterday and got into the groove and i was getting some real doyal bramhall kinda vibes from it, the univibe is pretty tight,, and the orange amp with a bit of verb room and a bit compression really finds a sweet spot... if the non HD amps sound this saggy and bloomy , the HD amps must really nail it.. there is almost too much stuff to play around with... i have no need for heavy gain metal kind tones so that may be where the FFX falters.. i dont know... my sound heads to kinda summers, Gilmore, edge, Bramhall, jimi.. and those kinda cats... also fripp and weird stuff like that... but even if this thing is EOL... as long as they keep the app up to date i will be really happy with it.... like i said... totally sold.. play on... ;)
  2. for about 3 years i have been kinda put off by guitar.. just not inspired.. and for xmass i got a cheap hollow body gifted to me.. and realized i still really like playing guitar... but my pod xt... gave up the ghost so i started looking for alternates.. tried the pod HD desktop... was not happy with it at all,, too much fiddling. so i sent it back and started looking for a bed room jam amp/ audio interface. and i saw the fire hawlk.. i did not have helix / kemper/ ax fx money... all my amps in the past came from guitar rig 4/ amplitube 4.. podxt into DAW... i really like the idea of ipod connectivity and i thought the app looked pretty cool... perhaps not as tweakable as the HD series of boards.. i have not tried pod farm on the PC.. so i dont really know what the sims of the firehawlk sound like... but if there is a good enough compressor and EQ i have found you can get most things to work out pretty well.. it dose look as though i may have bought a modeling amp at its sunset.. EOL End of life ... but heck.. it may have enough flexibility and sound quality to at least be a step up from my irig or amplitube/ guitar rig models... we will see... heck... you cant get much of any amp for 200 bucks now and days.. i think i did ok.
  3. i have just tried out a Pod HD desktop... and i just did not like it at all, i did not like the user interface, so much so that i was not enthused to dive deep into an edit.. i have a pod xt that i use for my audio interface to my DAW where i keep guitar rig 4, and amplitube 4.. and for doing studio tunes and stuff.. i was kinda wanting the firehawlk for bedroom jam and perhaps to input to my ipad with my suite of guitar amp apps like all those positive grid amp, FX, Jam and the like... but how is support for this unit... it looks like line6 is pasturing it.. perhaps is just too heavy on the app side of things to pull folks from the PC edit side of things.. i dont know why it did not find a market.. but perhaps its still supported... i guess im looking to get some warm fuzzy feelings about buying one... but if its just some cool bit of kit that just did not make a great launch and failed to find a buying audience then i may have to give it a pass... so.. my uses for it would inclued... bedroom jam guitar headphone amp kinda deal hopefully use it as a audio interface like a irig for the ipad.. perhaps send it to my blutooth speaker as a monitor kinda thing.. as far as modelers is it up there with things like guitar rig 4 ? i know it will never replace tube but how are the approximations? good enough that the digitalness is not a huge factor? what i dont really need it to work on USB as an audio interface for PC so its product life is around 2 years now... where are we at owners? happy? abandoned? mad? well, enough of that then... just looking for some opinions and such.. thanks man. scuz
  4. so i got this for a hundred and some change, and im now thinking it would be nice to get a short board for it just to fool around with but, i was wondering what are some recommendations... i was thinking a line 6 mk ii express, but i dont know any thing about what is out there and what is compat with the pod hd desktop.. im not really digging the idea of a full size board attachment. also, is there a touch sensitive wha avail on the pod hd desktop? also called a T wha.. or is there a way of sculpting one? i know that my pod xt had one.. and all the amp sim programs i have used, guitar rig 4, amplitube, all have allowances for a touch wha... what about the pod hd?
  5. well, hello folks.. long time pod xt user... it was my digital interface for all my DAW stuff... and the switch gave up the ghost... broke all to heck... i gave it to a friend to solder a new on off on it.. but i was surfing around reverb and found a pod hd desktop for a real nice price.. and thought what the heck... i know its not being sold any more.. but how is the support? are folks still using and enjoying the line 6 HD units? i got the pod hd because i liked my pod so much.. and i kinda wanted to see where they went with the HD..i know they dont have as many amps as the other x3 or the XT.. but i have heard the simulation is really quite nice as far as the moderate gain and clean things to.. but i worry about how well it will play with my windows machine.. can i get a true dry signal with an HD or do i just flat response an amp model.? well... im sure it will be good enough kit to rough out some scratch demos and stuff... just hobby stuff... but i am looking forward to getting back to playing guitar again... hope the HD will not disappoint... play on.
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