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    HX Stomp presets

    Hey guys, I recently had an HX Stomp for a little while and I sold it because I got more money for it than what I paid for it. I did play it for a few minutes and I did like what I saw but it was kind of complicated. I have been reading up on it and I guess I just need to do some more reading and get comfortable with it. It sounds like a really cool pedal. But, that brings me to my question. I noticed a preset the Snufflupugas or something like that. It was cool as hell and was wondering if that was something that somebody conjured up or is it a preset from factory or included in an update and if so which update. I am currently thinking about getting another stomp and was really wanting that preset and it would be cool to have it. Thanks for your help. Don
  2. Cool. So, I could get rid of my rack units and get the HX effects and not need them. I like that. Thank you.
  3. Hey, Does anybody know if the internal main boards on the studio modelers are all the same except for the removable chip? I know the part number for the board is 35-00-0000. I have looked at these boards pretty extensively and it looks like they are interchangeable but swap out the chip. Also, does anybody know if these modelers are redundant if you have a POD XT pro, or POD HD PRO X? Kinda curious if I get a HD PRO X if I would not need these anymore. Thanks, Don
  4. Are you still having issues with this?
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