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  1. sorry for my bad english. I meant I contacted the line6 dealer which is also service center (our city is very small and there is pretty much one chain for every brand). Guess my question is to seek your guidance on Line 6's policy on granting goodwill repairs on the broken plastic housing. I bought mine a few years back but I also learnt Line 6 changed the housing to metal for later production as the plastic design was faulty. Please advise.
  2. Sorry I meant my local dealer "Parsons"...got the two shop names fixed up.
  3. I am a Hong Kong based user. The "plastic" inner sleeve (for connecting to the transmitter cable) of my G50 transmitters has broken apart and fails to hold the cable properly at the female end of the transmitter cable. I learnt from the Line 6 forum that the material has been changed to "metal" in the recent years to resolve the problem. When I walked past my local dealer "Tom Lee" the other day and inquired if I could get Line 6 to honour good repairs even my unit is out of warranty. My dealer does not seem to know what I am talking about and immediately just asked me to send in my unit with investigation payment (of around USD30). Not a huge amount but I didn't expect my dealer just asked for an examination fee where in this case the housing problem seems to have been reported numerously in the past and the factory has actually improved the specs to the production run. I am seeking your guidance on how I am able to proceed and get my unit fixed via this rather uninformed dealer of Line 6 in Hong Kong. Many thanks!
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