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  1. Yep, this one worked. If you leave USB 7 as the only guitar USB source, you will only get mono (in and reamped). No idea why, but that's the way it worked. Strange tid-bit; they way I had it before (with only USB 7 as the guitar USB source), even when I used a plug-in like Bias or S-gear, my output was duel mono. The fix was turning of Helix and running my audio though another sound card. So the fix was the Helix audio routing. Thanks for the help folks.
  2. Bump - anyone else have this issue?
  3. I was running an older version of the Editor. That's why I didn't see the new effects and amps. Installed the latest version and works like a charm. My mistake was assuming that the updater tracked the editor version along with the firmware and drivers. Sorry, I should have looped back around and answered this. Too busy have fun with Helix :D
  4. Hi guys, I know the fix is a simple one, but I cant'a not figure it's out. I have spent days googling and watching video... help... When I run my DI track into helix over USB and record the output in my DAW (Reaper), my track isn't stereo? It's double mono? I can't pan the track at all (i.e. that's how I know it's duel mono and it doesn't sound 'stereo'). Yes, my Helix patch is Stereo out. Here is my setup: - I set my recorded DI Guitar DAW track to send to hardware input USB 7 (the default re-amp channel in Helix) - I set new blank track to record/capture the re-amped tone to receive from hardware input USB 7. The results - both the previewed sound and the recorded sound are duel/double mono. I tried changing the Helix input/output channels to 7/8 instead of just 7. I made sure that both of my Reaper channels are stereo. Any/all suggestions are very muchly appreciated. :D Dan
  5. Hi guys, I'm sure the answer is someone on this forum, but I can't find it; I updated my firmware to 2.20, but it did not install correctly. I would like to try and reinstall again, but when I run the updater it doesn't see my Helix? (Helix Floor if that matters). None of the new amps. effects or cabs show up. However, when I select a factory patch with the new amps/effects/etc... they play, but the blocks are empty in the effects chain? :unsure: Thanks
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