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  1. My JTV-59 was delivered about a month ago and the more I used it the more I realized that anything after Drop-D tuning on the selector nob was useless. I was getting very loud ghost notes from the high E and B strings and none of the positions sounded anywhere as good as the standard and Drop-D tunings in any of the models. I put a dampener under the strings behind the top nut and that did little to help. I also adjusted the string volumes in Workbench HD. The problem was getting worse so I called Line-6 and the only thing they had for me was to re-flash which I did several times and it didn't help. Because I'm on the road my incredible friends at Sweetwater sent me a replacement Overnight to the location I'm at. I received it and after the rehearsal I had this afternoon I unpacked the new guitar and put my fully charged battery in it and what a surprise I got. It was worse than the original. The ghost notes were louder than the note it should have been playing. I have it plugged directly into my amp with no effects. I cant believe Line-6 is letting something like this get to the shelves. I know the replacement is from the same stocking shipment as the original guitar. I'm wondering if Line-6 in Korea ended up with a batch of bad circuit boards and used them anyway. I love everything about the original guitar so I'm probably gonna send back the replacement. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Smitty
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