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  1. joetdc

    Van Hager Tone?

    Anyone have settings to get a good VH Balance type tone? All I need is the pitch settings. Every patch I have found uses chorus. I know it's done with a detune. Tried smart harmony but there is not much to tweak there. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. I just got my Firehawk and at least 50% of the presets are not sounding right. I understand that pretests always need to be tweaked but this is different. The clean sounds are distorted and the distorted tones sound muddy. Not all of them but like I said 50%. If I palm mute the low E string on some dirty tones it sounds like my speakers are blown. I know that sound is subjective. That being said I listened to many videos of people playing stock pretests and none of them sounded like this. I have also owned other modelers in the past. Never had this problem. You may not like a preset but it should still be playable. I have tried many different guitars. Tried plugging into my mixer or straight into my FRFR (QSC K12) I tested speaker. It’s set to line. Cab sims are on. Cables are good. If I change the amp then sometimes that works but that defeats the purpose in my opinion. I do not know what else to try. Maybe a defective unit but I want to make sure before I send it back. Any suggestions other than buy a Helix?
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