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  1. Now I feel really stupid but thank you, if, of course, worked perfectly. (to my defense I really did try to fix it and people on other forums were as lost as I was!) Thank you, problem solved!
  2. As the title says, when I run PodFarm and put up a signal chain my headphones pick up the dry signal and plays it with the wet, at a fairly high volume at that. I only have a single tone, so no Dual, and I don't have any "Listen to This Device" settings on. I have a sample picture of a signal chain and my recording settings attacked below, and even when I turn the volume of the amp down to 0 I still hear the dry signal from my guitar. It might sound like a minor problem, but it essentially makes creating a tone borderline impossible because no matter what I do the wet signal is getting mixed with the dry and I can't hear what the actual tone sounds like! I heard it had something to do with recording the 3/4, but as you can see I've pulled that way down and I have tried messing with the ToneDirect settings and the buffer but to no avail.
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