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  1. Hi sorry about the late response. I have the Helix connected to Studio Monitors and got the rack version. Also, I use studio headphones with it sometimes as well. I figured the monitors would be the best way to get the sounds the developers intended. I will try the high cut some of you have mentioned and see how that works. Thanks for the replies so far.
  2. Hi everybody, Sorry if this is redundant with other's posts. I'll start by letting you know that I have been using the Line 6 Vetta II for over 10 years now and before that, a Flextone II so I have a lot of experience with amp modeling, cab modeling, etc. I have had my Helix for a few weeks now, and I have been unable to build a tone that I feel is usable. Some of the presets in Factory 2 sound good, but dialing up an amp has been really difficult for me on the Helix. I don't feel that I can start with a blank channel, throw in an amp, throw in a cabinet, and have it sound great. I find that it sounds overly grainy in comparison to what I'd expect or just not the clear good quality sound that I see people talking about. I try lowering the drive, and that doesn't work. It almost sounds like it's peaking, but I don't think that's the case. I use a Schecter Diamond Series S-1+. I tried turning on and off Pad. It has always sounded great in my Vetta. I guess I was expecting to be able to easily get a great sound like I was in the past, then from there I could play with EQ, filters, effects, etc. I know I can start with a preset and adjust it from there, but honestly every time I load up an amp, it sounds crappy to me. Please let me know if anybody has advice. Since I have been using/trusting Line 6 products for so long, I want to believe this product is great and that there's just a setting that is wrong on mine that I can adjust to fix the sound. I don't feel that the amps sound like the amps they were modeled after in my device. All help is appreciated. Thanks -Justin
  3. I guess you're right, after a second look at the list, 13 of the guitar amps were duplicates and 7 were bass amps. So 53 - 20 = 33 amps. Are some of them on this list not actually on the product? Guitar Amps: WhoWatt 100 Guitar Hiwatt® DR-103 Brill Soup Pro Guitar Supro® S6616 Stone Age 185 Guitar Gibson® EH-185 Tweed Blues Nrm Guitar Fender® Bassman® (normal channel) Tweed Blues Brt Guitar Fender® Bassman® (bright channel) US Small Tweed Guitar Fender® Champ US Deluxe Nrm Guitar Fender® Deluxe Reverb® (normal channel) US Deluxe Vib Guitar Fender® Deluxe Reverb® (vibrato channel) US Double Nrm Guitar Fender® Twin Reverb® (normal channel) US Double Vib Guitar Fender® Twin Reverb® (vibrato channel) Mail Order Twin Guitar Silvertone® 1484 Divided Duo Guitar ÷13 JRT 9/15 Interstate Zed Guitar Dr Z® Route 66 Jazz Rivet 120 Guitar Roland® JC-120 Jazz Chorus Essex A-15 Guitar Vox® AC-15 Essex A-30 Guitar Vox® AC-30 with top boost A-30 Fawn Nrm Guitar Vox® AC-30 Fawn (normal channel) A-30 Fawn Brt Guitar Vox® AC-30 Fawn (bright channel) Mandarin 80 Guitar Orange™ OR80 Brit J-45 Nrm Guitar Marshall® JTM-45 (normal channel) Brit J-45 Brt Guitar Marshall® JTM-45 (bright channel) Brit Plexi Nrm Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (normal channel) Brit Plexi Brt Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (bright channel) Brit Plexi Jump Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (jumped) Brit P-75 Nrm Guitar Park® 75 (normal channel) Brit P-75 Brt Guitar Park® 75 (bright channel) Brit 2204 Guitar Marshall® JCM-800 German Mahadeva Guitar Bogner® Shiva® German Ubersonic Guitar Bogner® Überschall® Cali IV Rhythm 1 Guitar MESA/Boogie® Mark IV (Channel 1) Cali IV Rhythm 2 Guitar MESA/Boogie® Mark IV (Channel 2) Cali IV Lead Guitar MESA/Boogie® Mark IV (Lead Channel) Cali Rectifire Guitar MESA/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® ANGL Meteor Guitar ENGL® Fireball 100 Solo Lead Clean Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (clean channel) Solo Lead Crunch Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (crunch channel) Solo Lead OD Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (overdrive channel) PV Panama Guitar Peavey® 5150® Line 6 Elektrik Guitar Line 6 Original Line 6 Doom Guitar Line 6 Original Line 6 Epic Guitar Line 6 Original Line 6 2204 Mod Guitar Line 6 Original Line 6 Fatality Guitar Line 6 Original Bass Amps: Tuck n' Go Bass Ampeg® B-15NF Portaflex® SV Beast Nrm Bass Ampeg® SVT (normal channel) SV Beast Brt Bass Ampeg® SVT (bright channel) Cali Bass Bass MESA/Boogie® M9 Carbine Cali 400 Ch1 Bass MESA/Boogie® Bass 400+ (channel 1) Cali 400 Ch2 Bass MESA/Boogie® Bass 400+ (channel 2) G Cougar 800 Bass Gallien-Krueger® GK 800RB
  4. Btw, the Line6 Website says the Helix has 53 Amps, 30 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 93 Effects. So where is everybody getting the 25 from?
  5. Just on the same topic, didn't the Vetta II have 74 amp models, 25 Cabs, and over 80 effects stomp boxes? Why would they have cut all of that out? Is there a reason for that? I've had the Vetta II for probably around 10 years now and I'm looking for something smaller with which I can get most or all of the great sounds I get out of the Vetta II. I am an effect junkie sometimes, and I love having the different selections. I understand and agree that 25 is a lot, BUT, if they already had 74, why cut down to 25? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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