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  1. I never actually used my UX2 as an interface, I just used it to monitor whilst tracking guitars. So I'd split the signal from my guitar, one going to the UX2 for monitoring and the other going dry into my interface, then re-amp later with PF. Since my PF 2.0 licence is not tied to my UX2, I gave that to my young cousin to help him start recording. My Steinberg UR44 has Yamaha amp modelling which is fine for monitoring with whilst recording a dry signal that I can re-amp with PF later. If I launch PF stand alone, it did give the option to use the UR44 hardware, but the latency was terrible. For some reason, PF doesn't find my UR44 anymore now.
  2. Thanks Triryche. What I didn't want is if he goes and registers it to his computer and then my PF stops working whilst I'm in the middle of a project. I guess I'll make sure I'm home when he installs it. Cheers.
  3. I just checked, yes I paid $119 in August 2017 for PF 2.5 I bought & registered my Toneport in December 2008. I'm guessing the licence it must have come with was PF1? Can he still download & use that?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have PF2 + triple pack. Actually, it is all working fine as a VST in Cubase without the toneport plugged in. I have a Steinberg UR44C now and actually when I loaded PF standalone, it asked me which interface I want to use, so I selected the UR44 and it just ran thru that, albeit with such latency that it's unusable. If he buys a copy of PF can he register that with my old toneport, or is it just better he buys a new interface? It'd be a shame to have to throw away a perfectly good Toneport.
  5. I've never used my Toneport as an interface, just for monitoring as I record guitars. I want to give my Toneport UX2 to a friend who sings, and since the interface I just bought came with Cubase LE (I already have Pro), I can give him my Toneport and Cubase licence and he can record. Will the Toneport work as a stand alone interface like this? Or does it need my Pod Farm licence to run it? Also, Can I continue to use Pod Farm as a VST without the Toneport?
  6. Hi all, I just updated to Windows 10 from windows 7. Even my old cubase 5 and UAD-1 card all loading & working fine. Lost my E-MU 0404 card tho, so thought I may aswell just use the Toneport as my interface now. However, it's not showing in the list of playback devices when I manage audio device in control panel. It is there in the list of recording devices, but not playback. I've re-installed the driver thru Line-6 Monkey, but no joy. Anyone had this before, know a solution? Thanks
  7. Haha no I won't! My iLok key is in 2 pieces, damn thing shorted and fried my motherboard, I had to get a new one! I have East West plugins aswell. This week, they helped me to register those to the computer without the iLok, so now I can throw that god awful thing in the bin where it can go and bother all the other rubbish! The only downside I found doing this is, for any songs I made in the past with PF1, I now have to delete the insert on any tracks where I used pod farm and start from scratch with pod farm 2 and set up the guitar sound all again. That's a real pain, but at least I can do it and it will work, rather than spending hours trying to find a problem! Thankis again mate :)
  8. Aha! Ok I uninstalled PF1, installed PF2.5 and that works absolutely as it should, although its in trial mode right now. I'll buy a licence now, learn how this new version works and go make some merry noise! Thanks for helping me out, much appreciated :D
  9. Yes, I did that twice now, still the same thing happens. Is PF1 definitely ok to work with Win7/64 bit? Or does it require PF2.5?
  10. Ok, I've solved the path issue by simply dragging podfarm.dll and the podfarm application into the Cubase5/VSTPlugins folder, but still if I try to insert it on an audio track, Cubase stops responding.. :/ Aslo, if I load a Cubase project on which I've used podfarm already, the project simply won't load and Cubase stops responding.
  11. Thanks for the reply. As far as I can tell, I have to put PF1 in C:/program files/steinberg//Cubase 5/VSTPlugins in order for Cubase to scan & find it. I did that, and it's now there in the list when I add a new insert, although the path from the plugin list now goes Pod Farm>>VST>>Line 6>>Pod Farm. Just by accident, I have discovered that if I insert it on a midi track, it works as and the pod farm interface loads as expected. However, if I try to insert it on an audio track, Cubase just freezes and I have to use task manager to shut it down.
  12. Hi, Its been a few years since I've done any recording. I'm almost having to re-learn everything. My hardware and DAW have outdated a bit since I last used them and I recently upgraded from XP/32, so I can use more RAM for my plugins. I got a PC with Asus P5Q board, 8GB DDR2, intel 9650 cpu, running Cubase 5. All great gear at the time I built it! I bought pod farm 1 with my toneport UX2 back in 2009 along with a triple pack. Everything worked fine on XP/32, but now I'm using 7/64, the plugin just doesn't work no matter what I try. Does pod farm 1 even work with Win7/64? My Line6 Monkey installed Pod Farm 2.5 and I can open it stand alone, altho it keeps asking me to activate it every time I open it, so I click the button and it shows my computer and my UX2 as authorised. But I looked on the site and it says there that 2.5 needs to be purchased to be used, its not a free update, so I'm a bit confused. I was happy with what I had before, I'd just like to get it working again in Win7/64. How can I do it?
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