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  1. HI Steve, I just bought a load from various eBay listenings (I must have ordered 20 different types). One thing to watch out for though. I used the 4-40 stainless steels crews and these were fine. I then tried longer high tensile steel screws of the same size, but these ended up sheering their threads and slightly damaging the threads in the bridge. So now I'm using 6mm M3 grub screws, these are a tighter fit and basically re-threaded the bridge but it seems sturdy and strong. Regards, Paul
  2. Mystery solved. I had been ordering various sizes of metric screw (M2.5 & M5) and the thread pitch was always too fine as I said in my previous post. I found a data sheet that listed all the screw data for all types of screws and ordered some inperial sizes. So the correct size is 4-40, these fit fine. The longest I could get was 1/4 of an inch, so that's a big improvement over the standard screws, although I still need a bit longer to really fix the intonation it seems. Regards, Paul
  3. I did buy some different sizes of grub screw (I'm in the UK). M2.5 seems to be the correct diameter as M3 seems to be too big plus M2.5 matches the correct hex key size of 1.5mm that matches the hex key that comes with the guitar. However I can't use these standard metric screws as the thread pitch is too small, the screws are 0.45mm and this is far too fine, the original ones look like the thread is much further apart. I've searched google like mad and I just can't see anywhere which sell 2.5mm grub screws with a pitch larger than 0.45? Regards, Paul
  4. Thanks for the info Rob, really appreciate your reply, should be able to track them down now! Regards, Paul
  5. Hi, I'm looking to replace the very short adjustment screws that are used to alter the distance of the bridge in order to change the length of the strings since I have intonation issues and the bridge is as far back as it will go. I've searched around Google and the forums and I can find references to people doing the same, but I can't figure out where I can buy longer screws, or over what type / size screws I need. Can anyone advise? Regards, Paul
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