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  1. BlueViolince's post in Balanced / Unbalanced Mess with HD Bean was marked as the answer   
    Any headphone output is going to be unbalanced, unless you have spent a lot of money on an actual headphone amplifier. It uses TRS, but the left and right channels share a common ground, which is why there are three conductors in a TRS jack.
  2. BlueViolince's post in Help With Effect Send was marked as the answer   
    You could put everything else besides the fx loop block on the other side of a parallel chain. Check for delay through the chain; I would guess that there may be a time difference between the two chains.
  3. BlueViolince's post in Pod Hd500 Volume Pedal Placement Question was marked as the answer   
    Put it right before the delay, or otherwise after all gain staging.
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