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  1. Hello, Recently I have bought a Firehawk FX unit. I’m running it through the FX Loop of my EVH 5150. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right since I really just want to use the effects of the unit and absolutely avoid the amps and all the other stuff. I don’t want any alteration on my EVH sound. I just turn on the FX button on the EVH foot-switch to activate the Fx Loop during the solos (so the preset I have chose on the Firehawk starts acting). Once I have finished the passage I just turn off FX Button on the EVH foot-switch and come back to what I think it’s the pure sound of the amp. So the way I’m connecting the unit is the following one: Guitar -> Directly to the EVH amp input EVH send -> Guitar In Firehawk EVH return -> Output Firehawk (Left/mono one) Output mode: LINE Am I doing it right? Or am I altering the pure sound somehow? Is this connection right or should I do it in other way? I really want to avoid the 4 cables method since I don’t want to use the amps of the unit. Sorry but I’m really new with this toy and really don’t want to lollipoped up the sound of which I think is a really great amp. Thank you guys :)
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