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  1. Thanks for the confirmation phil_m.
  2. Hoping someone can confirm what I believe is the way PC112+ functions. I set up a preset on my Helix floor. Amp block with NO cab or IR block. I go to the output block on the Helix, choose the Powercab tab and set it to my preferred speaker type with mic settings etc. Remote setting is "preset" and Mode setting is "Speaker". Connected to my PC112+ via L6 link. When I choose this preset I see the ring color change on my PC112+. Display always says "FLAT" Ring color changes per preset speaker selection choices. All good. Assumption 1 - I believe the speaker and mic choices I made on my Helix preset as detailed above are now applied to the XLR outputs of my PC112+. I expect that I am hearing that same speaker emulation coming out of the front of the PC112+ minus the mic settings even though the PC112+ panel says "FLAT" Assumption 2- I set up a Helix preset and set the Powercab output block Mode setting to "FLAT" and the voicing to "FRFR". I expect that my PC112+ XLR outputs are just a thru of the cab or IR settings in my Helix preset and the sound coming out of the PC112+ is just a FRFR speaker with no speaker emulation applied. Do I have this correct? Thanks for weighing in.
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