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  1. I finally got it after about an hour and a half with an iPad 3. Did try all of the above suggestions except a router boot. The factory reset did nothing.
  2. Just got my 75 and played it for about ten minutes and tried to update. Fist try it locked up about 3/4 way through. Gave it probably 2 hours. Finally shut it down and tried again. This time the progress bar moved about 5% of the way in 45 minutes. I shut it down again and am trying an iPad 3 this time. I have reinstalled the app each time made sure all the updates are made etc. So I started with iPad Air, then a 5s and then a iPad 3. All with the same result. The last update has been on for about a half hour and is at about the 5% mark. This is very disappointing. I guess there is no way to do a full factory reset? Is there another way to update?
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