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  1. I recently bought an Audient ID14. I would like to use this as my main interface, but I would like to still use the POD at times for certain tones. What is the ideal way to connect the POD to the new interface? Do I connect 1/4" cables from outputs of the POD to the inputs of new interface?
  2. I have had the POD for a while. I recently got some VST's I want to use for the guitar tone. I have been using the POD as my interface. I send the guitar through a patch with no amp. I use the mixer, in the pod, to boost the signal 9.5 db because the signal is too low otherwise. Is this an optimal method of recording a dry track? I will be getting an Audient ID14 to track vocals. I'm wondering if going straight through the Audient will be a better option
  3. Ok Thanks this is the answer I was looking for
  4. Im looking to find a good approach to what I am looklng to do. I use the POD to track guitars and bass. I want to use the POD to track vocals, but I have powered monitors and I would literally have to turn the power to the speakers off to track the vocals with headphones. I am thinking some type of in line mixer to the monitors that I could simply turn down while tracking vocals and back up to listen to the take. Can someone help point me in the right direction?
  5. I would like opinions on this setup. I am using the POD to track vocals, The singer is using headphones, how can I easily switch between the headphones and a pair of active monitors? Would using an A/B selector between the pod and the monitors be a good approach?
  6. I have some recordings from a studio project I have been working on. I have the guitars on dual channel with uber amps I do have post effects in the DAW on the guitars mainly eqs though https://soundcloud.com/one-less-scumbag
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