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  1. In the past with Win XP I used Gearbox Guitarport and Cool Edit Pro and it recorded very well for my needs. Now, with Windows 10, Cool Edit Pro simply won't record Gearbox Guitaport. I've tried a few alternatives but I can't find anything free or cheap that will record. I have seen a few people say Audacity works, for example, but others say it doesn't and others say yes but it is not a good quality recording etc. I've tried it and couldn't get it to record Guitarport at all. I could give Adobe Audition a try but it seems to be cloud based meaning there could be issues without internet and no guarantees it would record guitarport anyway. I'm not looking for high end studio gear just a simple means of recording with minimal latency issues. Anyone have any suggestions? All drivers are updated for Windows 10 and GearBox.
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