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  1. Thanks everyone. Got the L2t connected tonight and love it!! I think everything sounds better thought that compared to the amp. Now more question.. What settings do I need to change on the HD500x and how do they get saved? I know you hold the view button down and the menu comes up 1-10. So many differnt parameters to set. Is there anything out there that shows exactly what to set for my set up? (Variax JTV-69, HD500x and L2T? Once that's done, how do I set up the L2T? I currently have the Line 6 Link cable connected from the 500x and things set to PA/Monitor What about all those other knobs on the other side? Again, any step by step guide on how things should be??? Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the response! I'll check things out when I get the L2T tomorrow. Another question I forgot to ask about the DT-25. SHould this amp be able to be seen by the Line 6 Monkey? The only things that show up now are the Variax and POD HD500x... Maybe the noise, etc are fixed with a firmware upgrade??
  3. Thank again everyone for the info on how to set up my DT-25 to use in my Dream Rig. I have the Variax JTV-69 going to my POD HD500X via the VDI cable and then the Line 6 Link cable going from the HD500x to the Link input on the DT-25 I have the amp on Channel A with all knobs set at 12 o'clock. I have my Master set up at around 12 o'clock as well and just adjust things at the HD500x. I'm getting some intermittent pops and clicking in the amp (which I bought used), with or without any cables connected. Is there anything I should check on the amp itself? I'm not using the low volume setting. What settings should I have on the HD500x? There are a few buttons on the back as well as the three switches on top. Finally, I got a good deal on a Line 6 L2T and will plan on relacing the DT-25 with it. I will be connecting the Line 6 Link cable to the Link input on the L2T. What else do I need to configure on the L2T?? Thanks again guys! Dave
  4. Just got my Dream Rig.. with my Lake Placid Blue JTV-69 being the last piece of the puzzle. One question I've had from the beginning that I have yet to find answers for.. how to set up my DT-25 amp? I have my Variax plugged in via the VDI cable to my POD HD500x and the HD500x plugged into the DT-25 via an XLR cable. Where do I ultimately want to keep the knobs on the DT-25?? It's my understanding that the amp will be controlled by the HD500x? If someone could go over the setting on the amp and HD500x to get me started, I'd appreciate it! Also, I'm thinking of selling the DT25 and buying a Line 6 L2T... seems a lot simpler and from what I've read, the acoustic sounds would be better? Don't want to get rid of anything until I have it dialed in the way it's supposed to be... Thanks guys! Dave
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