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  1. Many thanks Silverhead for your reply. I've tried that already, and I'm just drawing a blank. Still awaiting Liune6's Technical Support to contact me!
  2. I share your Pain! The updater software just doesn't work. It's absolutely rubbish. I have tried: Win 10 PC 64bit - failed, iPad - failed, Ipod - failed, Kindle Fire - failed. It really is a pile of rubbish that makes a half decent door stop. All this guff about USB ports and leads to unplug and retry is just nonsense.
  3. Hi All I've read loads of posts with other users having the same issue. I tried to update my Amplifi 75 yesterday using latest software from Line 6 website and now I've either got four blinking LEDs with factory reset or four illuminated LEDs if I go into update mode. Nothing seems to work. I'm using a Windows 10 64 bit OS. I've contracted Line 6 today and I am awaiting a reply. Anyone got any ideas apart from the standard replies by Line 6. Thanks Curt
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