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  1. curtis_dean

    No sound and ABCD is flashing

    Many thanks Silverhead for your reply. I've tried that already, and I'm just drawing a blank. Still awaiting Liune6's Technical Support to contact me!
  2. curtis_dean

    No sound and ABCD is flashing

    I share your Pain! The updater software just doesn't work. It's absolutely rubbish. I have tried: Win 10 PC 64bit - failed, iPad - failed, Ipod - failed, Kindle Fire - failed. It really is a pile of rubbish that makes a half decent door stop. All this guff about USB ports and leads to unplug and retry is just nonsense.
  3. curtis_dean

    Amplifi 75 - Update Issues

    Hi All I've read loads of posts with other users having the same issue. I tried to update my Amplifi 75 yesterday using latest software from Line 6 website and now I've either got four blinking LEDs with factory reset or four illuminated LEDs if I go into update mode. Nothing seems to work. I'm using a Windows 10 64 bit OS. I've contracted Line 6 today and I am awaiting a reply. Anyone got any ideas apart from the standard replies by Line 6. Thanks Curt