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  1. Hey fellow gear heads.... Hopefully this will be a simple answer... although,.. do they really exist ? I have qty 2 Spider Valve Bogner 2x12 amps, primary and backup.... I just ordered a Spider V 240hc head and wanted to connect both sets of SV2x12 Speakers to the 240hc. Each SV2x12 speaker set is 8ohm load (2x16ohm wired parallel) and from review of the SpiderV manual, it will support 2 X 8ohm "stereo" connection. Is the idea a viable connection method ? Also - the manual indicates 4ohm mono - knowing that one should not dip below 4ohms, how bad would it be to connect one of the 8ohm SV2X212 speaker sets to only the left speaker out ? Many thanks to whomever can help.