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  1. Hi Is there another check for disable email notifications? There is a check for 'stop sending emails' and on Manage followed content's 'change preference'. I still get notifications on my email. They are well hidden. Even though they are on Spam mails now they still pop on my main email page.
  2. Mac's security and privacy Settings. You need to allow installation. And get the latest Link6 Updater.pkg before you allow installation.
  3. It was promising of all three resets I know of, but after half an hour it came back. It's too unstable and since it's not a common problem I wrote to the place I bought it from and ask for a replacement. The sound it makes is so surprisingly good. Instant love. Thank you for your help. You make this weekend less painful.
  4. That is reassuring to know. Spot on, troubleshooting. I tried different approaches also those you mentioned. Sorry not to include those trials. I followed instructions as to reset, on and offs, offline/online firmware updates. It still persist on to a boot failure and freeze. Because it happened within the few minutes of first time plug to an amp I suspect it's a factory defect. I also want to mention login to line6 updater took few hours before it reaches an update. What should I do? Thank you for your answer.
  5. Hi iMac (Catalina, 10.15.1) HX Stomp (Firmware 2.82) Is it's a common problem with freeze during boot and under it has been turned on? I had several freezes where I had to restart. I updated it from 2.65 (I think) to 2.82 version. Same trouble. So far It´s unreliable. If it is not a common problem it must be defected. Infinite boot loop. I hope you guys can answer. It has been frustrating situation. Thank you! Mike
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