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  1. Hopefully the devs follow up on this forum...if not, and there's a better place to post this, if one of the mods could let me know, I'd appreciate it greatly. On my Samsung Note 5, if i hit the back button from anywhere in the app it kicks me out of the app and has to reconnect when i bring the app back up...this is killing me. It happened to me on stage too...and i had to wait for it to reconnect to do anything. Some better handling of the back button (which is a native feature in android across the board if i'm not mistaken) would be greatly appreciated in a future update if the devs have the time. If it's a pain to get it to work as a back button within the amp, perhaps it could at least trigger a prompt confirming that you wish to exit the program before it quits and disconnects. The app works fine in the background without disconnecting if i hit home or the applications button, but back just kills it flat, with one button press. Hats off to everyone at line 6 for their amazing work on this amp, and continued development. I've bee very much impressed with this amp and to date, despite some headaches with saving tones, and trying to level them with one another (the ability to switch back and forth on my shortboard without losing changes would be amazing in that regard...perhaps an "edit mode" or something to that effect) Thanks again for all your great work.
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