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  1. Hi everyone, I've tried to install and reinstall the Helix drivers (Line 6 Driver2 Helix v1.76.0.1 Installer) over and over again to get the Helix control panel to work. I can get all other Helix software to work, but to record with my DAW, I also need to get the Helix Control Panel to work. At this moment, I cannot find the Helix in my DAW (I tried Cubase, Studio One).I am running on Windows 7 with all latest updates installed. I also installed the latest Helix application 1.02 ; during the installation it also showed that it was about to install Helix drivers. Also, these drivers did not help in any way. Maybe the fact that there is still old HD500 software on my pc conflicts?? I really hope someone from Line6 can help. I need the Helix control panel to work so I can finally record.. Thanks for all help. Jeroen PS I included a picture with information that might lead to the cause and solution of the problem
  2. Correct, everything else is working fine, including the Helix software (preset manager). I am using Cubase and Studio One, but I don't think that it is related to my DAW, I should see the Helix control panel (page 46 manual) exterior to a DAW, but the control panel isn't there. I have no clue why the Helix asio driver won't actually install. I tried reinstalls, everytime everything seems to go smooth. No errors during or after install.. Hope someone knows how to solve it.. thank you for your time. Jeroen
  3. thanks for the quick reply. I installed these drivers (and reinstalled them to be sure), but I cannot select the Asio Helix driver when I am in my daw. It is not visible. I can only select ASIO DirectX Full duplex driver ASIO HD500 (maybe I can delete this somewhere?) Generic Low latency Asio driver. So I also cannot find the Helix control panel that is visible on page 46 of the manual. apparently the driver doesn't want to install properly? Of should I delete old asio drivers? I have no clue how to do that.. thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hello, I am trying to find out how I can record with the Helix. When I open a DAW I cannot find the Helix Asio driver, so I cannot record with the Helix now. In the manual is written that I can find this driver via line6.com/software , but I cannot find it. Do I really need these separate drivers? I am on a windows 7 pc. I got the Helix up and running, just the recording isn't working. Inputs and outputs are set to multi. thx for any help! Jeroen
  5. Update, maybe relevant for other users: xFast USB seems to be the troublemaker! It's an Asrock programme that, if I interpret it correctly, is designed to speed up data transfers. I just restarted my pc again, after that the Helix and I got a blue bsod (with lots of text in white letters). Yesterday I didn't get any blue sod's, i just got a black screen and then an immediate restart. So maybe the windows updates cause this difference. Anyway; after that, I restarted the pc (Helix off), then closed the xFast program (it autostarts), thén turned on the Helix: no problems. Conclusion of the day: let's uninstall xFast :) I hope it is solved now. And that this topic is helpful for users experiencing similar issues. Thanks again, time to rock :) Jeroen
  6. Thanks so much for your help! The issue is solved now! The last changes were: installing important windows updates (didn't do that for quite a long time). I presume this caused the error. Another possibility is the Asrock XFast program (I have a Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard). I turned XFast off, just to be sure that it isn't causing any problems. Again: I really appreciate all your help, thanks again! It's time to fully enjoy this product :) Best, from the Netherlands, Jeroen
  7. tried it but no luck. thanks anyway for the advice.
  8. Dear people, Can someone help me resolve this issue? The moment I connect my Helix to my pc, my pc restarts, I am asked if I want to run in safe mode. I have no possibility to update to 1.02.2. I cannot open the Helix software, because of the immediate restart.. Same goes for the Line6 updater. I'm running in Windows 7. Tried multiple USB ports. I am NOT using a usb hub. I tried 2 USB cables. Tried the reset with switches 9 and 10.. Also reinstalled drivers... Also, I noticed that connecting the Helix influences the amount of Gigabytes I see available on my hard drives. Strange... Really hope someone can help! thanks in advance, Jeroen
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