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  1. I thought I did but I will try again tonight when I get home. Thank you. I'll let you know if that works
  2. Yes it's registered. I will try it when I get home tonight. Gonna try and get help on the phone tomorrow I will call customer service. If they can't help then ill just return it
  3. Has anyone had this issue. I'm now on my 8th hr trying to get this podstudio ux1 blackface to work. Everything is authorized and setup all of the latest drivers and software plus podfarm 2.56. When im asked to initiate the ad on's in the license manager I keep getting this message..........programing purchases on hardware failed. 0xff from server-not found. i'm using windows 7
  4. well I just removed all line6 software and re installed all updated Monkey, license manager and podfarm 2.56 and im running into the same thing again. Everything is good until i'm asked to initiate the ad on's, when I do that I get that same message. Programing purchases on hardware failed.oxoff from server not found. This is getting to be a joke a I don't think I can waste much more time with this. Its getting closer to me just returning the dam thing.
  5. yes but then it tell me to initiate ad ons. when I do that it reads .....programing purchases on hardware failed oxoff from server not found.......
  6. let me know if you come up with anything i'm gonna call it day its getting late here. And thank you I appreciate the help.
  7. i had the tone port years ago and never had this issue. They really need to do something, makes me not want to buy another line6 product. This is nuts.i'm at it for 6 hrs now.
  8. in license manager it tells me its authorized but then there is message that reads,( disabled ad on's need to be installed )but when I hit the install button it reads.( Programming purchases on hardware failed 0xff from server- not found)
  9. I just did that as well and it confirms that it is authorized. once I start podfarm I get the same message that its not authorized on my computer.
  10. I have just downloaded the latest version of podfarm 2.56 and latest monkey. Now it wont even open. it tells me podfarm failed to initialize. I have to say this has got to be the biggest pane I have ever had. I think im just going to return it and go with some other interface. This should not be this difficult.
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