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  1. after ten days (more or less) from this i'm in the same situation......waiting for a reply....the neck mag pick has stopped to work, so i can't play my guitar again... it's incredible....i'm thinking that line6 isn't a good producer..
  2. ...line6 european support quickly support me and they have sent me another brand new guitar (the third) that seems to be without any of this kind of issues. It could be a sort of strange event but this one have been produced on october 2012 and there aren't the same issues of the other produced in 2011...it is a good guitar and now i'm very happy to take out every possibility from it with my pod hd500. thanks every one
  3. thanks for your time.... Ps. guitars has been shipped to me by Proel the line6's italian distributor, so for me is Line6 that still ship defected guitar. i'm trying to resolve my problems but line6 is not extreme professional. thanks for your help and sorry if i have given you a bad impression.
  4. I think that i'm not able to allow you undestand what i'm saying. This is my problem : http://line6.com/support/thread/73637 how many time i have to say to you ? if i post some personal photos they will be the same of that in the link. I think that should be line6 to make the corrections in there products before sell them. thanks for your willingness in help me.
  5. listen...ok forget the year 2011 2012.....i have already told that my problem is the same in the link that i posted (for tremolo stability and misallineament of the neck) and i don't undestand why line6 is still sending this guitar with this kind of problem..it's not important the year but the action of send a guitar with "old problems". i understand that i have to try to make the modification like in the topic "tremolo set up" but i still don't understand why i have to made this modification by myself when is the producer that must garantee the customer. only this... so now i'm going to try to make what our friend write in the link that i posted. With extremely disappointing but line6 after seven months is still silenting about...and have not solved my issues. thanks for your time
  6. OK thanks....i have tried to understand better this post http://line6.com/support/thread/73637 and i have the second generation bridge with the wrong wiring in the first photos. "let's try the opposite approach.... why don't YOU post pictures of your issues and we'll get some eyes on them and see if we can't find someone that can help you." The reason cause i've asked a photo is that i should understand why buying a guitar in november 2012 i have to receive one products with the same issues verify in the 2011. Why? Why line6 is still selling, in 2012, guitars with the old wiring ? it is not correct. it is unprofessional and incorrect for customers. Ok Line6 produced guitars in 2011 with this type of wirinng....it has verified that is incorrect? ok sell the guitars but solves the problem before ship the products. this is my dubt
  7. hi guys, i have noticed that sometimes when i'm trying to make a personal tuning using the virtual capo solution on the Jtv69 it doesn't take always the notes i play on the string for all the six string so i have to restart several time since it understand what i want. this is what i'm doing. Perhaps the solution you are suggesting in this topic could help to solve this problem too? bye thanks
  8. thanks for your support toneman2121..... could someone of you post a photo of the second generation tremolo bridge? Many thanks
  9. Line6 Italian support has told me today that they can't do anything and the closed my tickets. I'm trying to write a ticket to Uk support .....i'm negatively impressed from line6 at the moment
  10. the principally important thing i would know from this forum is if the jtv69 builted in the 2012 has the new bridge wiring, cause i'm disappointed with my supplier that in a transaction started and finished in october/november 2012 sent me a product with old hardware. this is not correct. However i'll write an umpteenth mail to my support center from Proel.
  11. ps. sorry if i can't explain very well but i don't speak and write english very well.....
  12. I'm saying that i have the same situatione of the other guys in the thread i reported in my post. My tremolo doesn't return in the same position after using, and the e-strings fall out of the edge. These are the facts. so i'm asking: why after seven month i haven't yet a conforming guitar i paid for ? It's really incredible from a great factory such as Line6 I'm really delude
  13. yes i have a Big problem cause i bought a jtv69 in november 2012 and they have sent me a guitar from 2011 Production.. today i'm still waiting that they solves my issue....for tremolo intonation and nut capo. i think it's incredible!!!? http://line6.com/support/thread/74262 http://line6.com/support/thread/73637
  14. no difference in the wiring too? in the thread below they spoke of a "second generation bridge" and the jtv69s has a new bridge. nothing changed from 2011??!! http://line6.com/support/thread/89339 http://line6.com/support/thread/73637 thanks
  15. anyone from line6 could say if there is a second generation bridge with a different wiring for jtv69 models? htnaks
  16. hi guys, i have a little question for you... for the newest jtv69's productions (with humbacker model ) do you know if any changements have been made from the earliest models (2011) to 2012/13 production? such as the tremolo bridge or internal hardware? I bought it in october 2012 but they always send me guitar with 2011 serial number. For example: have the jtv69 in production now the new tremolo with new wiring? Many thanks I hope they resolve this issue fastly cause i love this guitar. Ps. while i'm waiting for a line6 reply i'm playing the latest guitar they send me and i found that this one has extremely less latency then the other when i use alternative tuning.
  17. many thanks for your support... from the on line support line6 told me that i must contact Italian support and i'm waiting for a reply...i'm extremely mad :angry:
  18. Hi everyone, i'm writing this few words to say all of you my disappointment with my guitar JTV69. I bought it in november 2012 and after a first neck change for a broken trus rod, and a second change cause they return me the guitars with extremely necks' misalignment, they replace my guitar with a new one but with the same misalignment of the neck, i'm waiting a reply from italian support. They say that guitar is in perfect condition but it isn't. What can i do?!??! After six month i haven't my guitar yet, and they don't want to refound me my money; i'm hopeless. This is my problem: Www.line6.com/support/thread/76208 http://line6.com/support/thread/74262 Many thanks all of you and to everyone of line6's staff that will reply to my post. Bye
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