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  1. I installed Virtual Midi piano Keyboard and that worked! So went back to Reaper and now suddenly this seems to work as well? Didn't touch a thing om Reaper nor drivers... go figure. What I now notice is that an empty virtual instrument track does not produce sound if it is not armed. Never had that issue with my helix when playing guitar, which always comes through.
  2. Hi all, I've had this KB37 for a while and it works great as a soundcard but I can't get any input from any of the buttons of keys in Reaper in Windows 10. What I've tried: - latest drivers, soundcard wise it works fine. - selected KB37 as a MIDI device in Reaper and enabling both input from this device and controller messages - when I add a virtual instrument, I pick MIDI input on that track and have chosen KB37 and channel 1 (or all channels) - in the line 6 device driver I have set MIDI controller mapping to MIDI default. Can't get no input whatsoever... don't know what I'm missing :(
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