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  1. OK, I gave up and switched to Amplitube. It's working without problems with my Roland card.
  2. I hate to say but Win10 again did some updates, now cracks are back and I also get a second tone a few ms later and a semitone deeper as soon as I raise the volume. Checked my Roland card, worked with no problems. Anyone out there using Toneport GX with Podfarm 1.2 successfully with Windows 10 + recent updates?
  3. Came back after holiday, did the latest Windows and BIOS updates (DELL), voila - it works! Don't know which one it was, but they seems to have fixed the audio bug. I did not change the Line 6 installations. No more cracks , no freezes anymore :)
  4. I tried all these things with no success. As posted above it sounds like freezing, even when only doing a mp3 playback. This is not the case with my other soundcard (USB). Onboard sound is disabled in BIOS.
  5. Thanks anyway. The dropouts occur even when when playing mp3 files with POD Farm closed, so it must be a driver issue. I checked cables and connections, all OK. As soon as I use my other USB soundcard it's OK.
  6. Tried in compatibility mode, problems remains. It sure is a windows problem, it worked great before that 1803 update. Setting back the update is no option in Win10. It installs next time again.
  7. No DAW at all, just the POD Farm is enough to cause the problems.
  8. Yes Win10, the1803 update is well know for problems. So I thought others must have this problem, too and maybe an error. I can't record because of the cracks and dropouts. Just plugged my guitar in, started Pod Farm and the problems occur. Can anyone look at the driver tab I've posted and tell me what should be there?
  9. Yes, all CD/44.1. I also checked the new privacy settings for mic etc. Strange thing is ASIO (see pic) - but I don't remember what should appear there.
  10. I'm using my Toneport GX with POD Farm 1.2, latest drivers, latest Line 6 Monkey which says everything is up to date. After the recent 1803 update it's unusable - drop-outs, noise, cracks. I re-installed Line 6 with drivers manually, no change. I tried the old Gearbox which has similar problems. Sometimes also the playback of videos etc. stops for one or two seconds. I also tried a Roland Duo-Capture I got a while ago and didn't use so far and this one has no problems at all. When I open the settings in POD Farm and look at the ASIO tab it says not found. I can't remember what settings I had before, because it worked for years without problems. Until this damn 1803. Any ideas? Can anyone post a screenshot of the ASIO settings tab?
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