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  1. Yup, it's in the screenshot above. In Dutch though, sorry.
  2. Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem might be? Thanks in advance.
  3. why are you hacking my thread? respectfully, please make your own.
  4. I did say that I was using Windows. Well, what do you want me to change...? Here are the screenshots of what it looks like right now.
  5. Thanks for the tip, but it still isn't working after I uninstalled Gearbox and installed Pod Farm. In fact, I still have the very same problem. One strange thing though: just like Gearbox, Pod Farm states that the UX2 is connected to the software. On startup, it even automatically detects which of the two inputs I plug the microphone or guitar into. But no sound, and the dials aren't budging.
  6. Tried that already. Basically what I did was a standard install: 1. Install Gearbox 2. Let Windows 7 recognize the Toneport 3. Use Monkey to install latest drivers I've been through all of my settings in Windows and everything is set up as it's supposed to be. Even with Gearbox's standard settings right after installing, it doesn't work. It seems to be the Gearbox software that's causing the problems. Everything seems to work, apart from Gearbox. Can't even play mp3's with it, when I press play nothing happens. Don't know if that's relevant but I thought I'd mention it. If there is ANY other piece of software that I could use aside from Gearbox to run my Toneport, then I'd like to hear about it. I can't believe Line 6's current software wouldn't be compatible with their older products...
  7. Hi everyone, I've tried installing my TonePort UX2 but the dials do not budge when I start up Gearbox 3.72. It's like the device isn't receiving any input. Gearbox also won't play any mp3 files: when I load one from my hard drive it just doesn't respond when I press play. All of my hardware (mics, cables, guitar) have all been tested and are working. I've also checked all of my configurations with regards to my sound card etc. I've updated everything via Line6 Monkey 1.62, this is what it says. Please help. I've been trying to find a solution myself for 24 hours but now I give up. It has to be a software problem or something. Gearbox tells me that the device is connected properly via the USB icon in the lower right, but the input dials still won't budge. The orange lights of the dials are lit just fine. Thank you!
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