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  1. So... I had this POD 2.0 for about 10 years now and it worked for me the first 3 months then suddenly I started getting this weird problem, were you would start up the unit and it will stay normal for about a minute or less and then it will go into the tuner and wont give any sound whatsoever, moving to another patch or out of the tuner will only put you back on the tuner again with no sound. I struggled with this to the point where I just quit it and almost trow it away, nobody at Line 6 could give me any help or advise (although at the time there were several people having this kind of problem). I changed the Eprom twice, took it to local tec's ("authorized dealer"), 3rd party tec's, you name it, I opted to just leave it there to oblivion. Long story short, have a tec or somebody change the heatsink on this piece of junk, the unit gets hot after little use and causes this BS, I found out after digging it up from the gear graveyard, I was about to destroy it to satan but decided to give it another shot and found out that was the problem. Hope this helps somebody. Pease!
  2. Hey! I have exactly the same problem since I got mine, I have replaced: battery the removable chip inside with a new one from line six ver. 2.3 the only thing Ive found out is that if you leave it alone unplug for about a year and try it you will be able to play for less than a minute, then It will go into tuner and mute again for another century. DId you found out anything from line six? or if you got it fixed somehow Ill try anything, I was really thinking on trowing this away but I really liked the fuzz box sound and reverb.
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