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  1. I have an XLR cable running from the Left/Mono output of my HELIX Rack into the front channel 1 port of my Scarlett 2i4. When I play the HELIX, I only hear sound from the left KRK 6 and KRK Sub. No sound is audible from the right KRK 6. Moving the Direct Monitor switch on the on 2i4 from Mono to Stereo slightly increases the volume, but still does not pass sound from the right KRK 6. I have the HELIX running into the 2i4 so I can play/noodle in my office, then easily monitor tracks in Logic Pro X. Here's the signal chain. 1. HELIX Rack XLR output to Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 front XLR input. 2. Scarlet 2i4 USB into Macbook Pro. 3. Scarlett 2i4 TRS output 1 to KRK Sub XLR input. 4. KRK Sub XLR outputs to right and left KRK 6s XLR inputs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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