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  1. It used to be my favourite place too, until Brexit and the Tories happened, now it's like the lunatics have taken over the asylum, you're better off as far away as possible, trust me on that one! :)
  2. Which still doesn't explain why that threaded aperture is there if the first generation trem bars didn't have an external thread to screw into it! I had a lovely chat with Mark Wright who couldn't speak highly enough of your good self btw....and he didn't know why it was there either. Hey ho! I've ended up cutting my losses and I'm sending this one back, paying the extra and getting a brand new white JTV direct from Yamaha, hopefully that will arrive safely and hold no unsolved mysteries within. Only time will tell on that one I guess. Thanks to this forum though I've made contact with you and Mark which has been a wonderful help and I am truly grateful, thanks again.
  3. Bloody PhotoBucket, had to find another hosting site and talk about clunky to operate! However if you scroll back to my original post you should be able to see the photos there now. The thing that's puzzling me the most is why that threaded nut hole is there on the bottom of the trem block if, as you say, the Gen1 trem bar had no threads neither internally nor externally, completely mystifying that!
  4. Many thanks for all your brilliant help, I'm talking to the guitar shop tomorrow so I'll see what they have to say. If the 1st Gen trem bar wasn't threaded either internally or externally, Heaven only knows what the threaded nut on the bottom of the trem block is for. All in all though I think the easiest option for me will be to look to send it back and try and find a new one, really don't need these kind of headaches having only bought the thing a couple of days ago. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you so much for the reply, much appreciated. Regarding the first generation trem bars, although they are no longer available, did they have an external thread which screwed into the nut shown in my second picture? I'm guessing that they must have, otherwise there would be zero point in the nut being there. There are a number of threaded aftermarket bars available so I'm wondering if one of those would fit, unless of course Line 6 used a different thread to everyone else! The trem set screw is available but only at Full Compass in the States as far as I can make out , sadly though they won't ship to the UK judging from other posts on this forum that I've read. If I keep the guitar, I would like to discover what the spacer fix for the model knob is as well but the way I'm feeling, although it would cost me a lot more, I'm leaning towards returning the guitar and getting a new one, that would probably work out about the same as getting a 2nd gen bridge for mine and solve all of my problems in one hit. I really appreciate the contact information you gave me, that is extremely helpful, thank you very much indeed.
  6. Hi there, I've had a number of Variaxs over the years and they have been brilliant recording tools for me, love the things. A couple of days ago I bought a used JTV-69 from a reputable dealer in the UK for a good price and I was overall really pleased with the guitar, it had the usual model knob not engaging properly issue which was remedied with a cigarette paper stuffed into the knob so no biggie but when I started to set up the tremolo to be floating instead of fixed as it was when it arrived I noticed that all was not as it should be in the tremolo arm department and I really don't know where to go with this. When I checked the guitar's serial number I was surprised to discover it was a 2010 model making it a generation one I believe. I'll try and include some photos below if I can work out how to do it but what I discovered was.... The tremolo arm which came with the guitar had a hole in the part which fitted in the bridge but there was no thread in the hole nor no thread on the outside of the bar.... In the bottom of the trem block there was a threaded nut suggesting that original bar which was supplied with the guitar had a thread on the outside which would have screwed into this hole.... Finally, the small set screw which would have been used to hold the bar in position was totally missing.... So I guess I'm just wondering where to go with this really. The guitar is in good condition and everything electronically works as it should but unless I can get the tremolo to function properly then I might have to give up on it and buy a new JTV-69 if I can still find one that is. So, does anybody know what the gen 1 JTV tremolo arm was actually like, did it have a thread on the bottom to screw into the retaining nut and are there any commonly available trem bars which would fit this thread? I know the JTV trem set screws are available from the USA (part number 30-00-0165) but as I'm in the UK it's going to be a job to get hold of one unless they ship? Any advice would be most gratefully received, thanks.