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  1. Jtv-89f: No Variax/Do not connect to Workbench/USB flashing red. -DSP is changed. -Battery=Ok -Tested with Cabled power kit=no difference -Paper trick/removal of hat on knob=no difference -Tone/volume and standard pickups=Ok -Watchdog seems to be up and running (U12/pin 2) TP1: -4.5v TP2: 3.28v TP3: 4.9v TP4: 1.0v TP6: 3.28v U17(pin 21): 3.3v TSR jack: 3.3v (Pin 2/J7) The only thing I notice is that LED under modelling knob turns red once when you insert the tele-connector. But...pushing knob wont turn on Variax functions. Please help Thanks, Niklas Eriksson Sweden
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