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  1. I have had my Spider V head for a little over a year, along with the matching 4x12 cab. Last night, I disconnected the cab and was using the head as a practice amp with the built-in speakers, and one of them appears to be blown. I live in an apartment, so have never had this amplifier at a high volume. I no longer have my purchase receipt. It appears to be a 4" 16-ohm speaker, but I cannot seem to find any online that match that I can use, and without my receipt, I don't think Line 6 will help me with warranty. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do?
  2. OK, so how exactly do I set the output to "combo front" I don't see any place to change output type.
  3. I have the POD HD Desktop unit and am trying to find the best way to connect it to my amp, which is a Marshall MSII mini stack. The only ways I have come up with is to connect a guitar cable from the headphone out of the POD to the input on the amp, or to connect either the left or right outputs on the POD to the input on the amp. Either way will logically only give me one side of the signal path, since guitat cables (and the input on the amp as well) are mono. Is there a way to combine the two signal paths into a true mono output, or am I stuck with only getting the single-sided signal? Which cable method is the best to use? NOTE: This amp DOES NOT have an effects loop send/return! Thanks for any advice!
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