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  1. Hi all, I've been a Firehawk FX user since it was first released. I play weekly in my church's Praise and Worship band and I'm a guitar collector and hobbyist at home with way too much gear. I have used Line 6 products all the way back to the POD Xt as well as the Flextone amps. I would not call myself a "Line 6 fanboy", but I do like their products and they do a good job for me. I have several amps and am constantly on the quest for the "perfect tone." Does the Firehawk FX give me that "perfect tone that you hear in your head?" Sometimes, it does and it does very well. Sometimes it doesn't. I think I'd be struggling with that "head game" if I had a real amp and pedal board or the far more expensive Helix. I've used the FHFX hundreds of times in a live setting and have not been disappointed. I've also had several guitarist friends of mine compliment me on my tone and overall sound. Is the FHFX perfect? No, it's not. Have I experienced some of the same bugs/glitches others have mentioned? Yes, I have, but those are few and far between. I love the convenience of plugging in after I've dialed in several tone patches and just playing and enjoying my tones. I use a couple of FRFR cabs (Alto and HeadRush) and I think my tone is great. The portability of the FHFX is great although the new smaller POD Go is appealing to me and I may give it a look as a replacement/upgrade. I was really hoping that Line 6 would provide a little more software support (ie new amps,cabs, effects), but I get that they want to continue to make money and doing that sort of thing is not driving revenue. I'm saving up my coin and will most likely upgrade to a newer unit. I'm torn between the mid-priced POD Go or going full Monty and getting a Helix. I don't think I'll be disappointed with the Helix, but I don't think I need all of its features for what I do. For me, the sweet spot on electronic gear that will quickly become obsolete is about $500US +/-. I've looked at Kemper and AxeFX and HeadRush along with the Helix family and I can't justify that high of a price tag when they all become obsolete so quickly. Since I'm not a "gigging" musician getting paid for what I do, I have to look at cost vs reward equation. As a guitar collector, justifying the same money for a new or vintage guitar versus electronic gear is a hard proposition. I have said several times that if my FHFX died, would I buy another one and I think the answer is yes. Especially since the price on the used market is what it's at now. Another commented that the app and Bluetooth functionality was a gimmick and not important. I actually quite like it and it makes fiddling with patches both in the practice setting and live, very easy. Not having to bend down and twiddle knobs at my feet while I have a guitar hanging around my neck is very nice. Here's hoping that there will be "one last hoorah" from Line 6 to offer us a software update for the FHFX. If not, I'll still argue that my money was well spent on this multi effects processor. Your mileage may vary, but that's been my experience as a FHFX owner. God bless and Rock on! JC
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