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  1. These are some problems that I have observed interacting with these two devices connected through the rj45 cable. 1 When I try to change the pitch from workbend hd to a twelve string guitar only the main strings are changed, the "pitches" do not change. I have also tried since Helix and it happens the same. I don't know if there is any solution for it. 2 Being within the same preset in Helix, it has been impossible for me to change from "emulated" guitar to real guitar from Helix. I have not found the way, only manually from Variax. 3. Being inside the same preset in Helix, working with snapshots, I have observed a latency in the change of snaps. For example, if in snap one, I have an emulation of one acoustic and in the other two any emulation, even of the same acoustic with other parameters, when changing the snap there is a cut in the sound quite uncomfortable. 4 I cannot download the Workbench hd manual from this page. Download fails. PLEASE HELP.
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