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  1. Do you mean as in that it still uses processing-power, causing the latency?... I will try it anyway. So just muting the master, or do I actually need to de-activate the audio-card in the Control Panel etc.?
  2. So I got the UX1 some time ago thinking it would be a handy interface to record some simple guitar-tracks. But I've put it aside for months because I couldn't find a solution to latency-issues. Now, I'd given it another try, and I still have the problems. What I can tell is that when I use POD Farm 2 with its Tone Direct driver or setting, and headphones from the UX1, I notice next to no latency. At least it sounds and feels direct enough that I can play accurately and enjoy myself. However, when I try it in Reaper and do the same thing, I can get the latency to be really low, but it's just enough to throw me off. It's like that "speech jammer" effect, where the sound you're making comes back slightly later so that your brain doesn't know which of the essentially 2 events (one delayed) it should be listening to. Reaper also shows the delay-time in the top-right, something like "5ms/12ms". I don't know what the actual delay I'm getting is, one of the two or even a combination of the two, but that's too much anyway. I've already tried lowering buffers and such as much as possible, but I'm already getting the occasional crackling sounds with only a few plug-ins on the tracks. - What can I do to simply record a guitar-track to a beat or click without a headache? I thought this was the 21st century. :P
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