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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes for the thomman case to ship to the U.S. ? Thanks
  2. Hi, If I want to connect from Helix to L2M via Link 6, do I need the proprietary Line 6 AES cable or is there an AES cable someone can recommend ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your responses. Very helpful !
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the Helix and L2M and hoping someone can help me out understanding the connections. I'd like to have an "amp" behind me and it looks like the L2M would be the best FRFR fit with Helix. So the connection would be Link 6 from Helix to L2M. In this scenario what would I set the speaker mode to on the L2m if the Helix has the cab sims on ? I'm guessing floor monitor ? Then , if I want to send the signal to my FOH , which is my vocal speaker (BOSE II) , would I just connect from the L2M MIX OUT to the Bose or would I connect from the HELIX to the Bose ? This is the part where I'm getting confused. Also, for you guys that use the L2M as your backline amp, do you find it best to pole mount the L2M or is angling it from the floor adequate for small to medium sized venues ? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies !
  6. Thanks for your replies. I've tried the the 4CM previously when I was using the POD HD and I really don't want to get into that again. I was never really happy with how that sounded or putting it through different amp cabs. The amp cabs always seemed to compromise the POD sound. I'm looking for a simple , light-weight solution now. I'm thinking the Helix into an L2m via L6 link then XLR to my BOSE PA speaker. We're a 3 piece band with two Bose L II speakers which are used strictly for vocals. Yes, I could go from the Helix directly to the Bose but I was never happy with that setup when I was using the POD HD. Maybe the Helix would be a different story ? Not so sure. BTW, do you guys mount the L2m and face it out to the audience or just use it as a floor monitor facing yourself ? I'm thinking of going back to "modeling " again because I've read so much about how the Helix amp models are a vast improvement over the POD HD Thanks again !
  7. Hi, I'm getting interested in the Helix but I'm not sure what type of FRFR to play through live. I play in a 3 piece cover band playing 60's thru 80's Rock so I just want to simulate playing through a single amp. Is a Stagesource the logical choice since it's a Line 6 product with the L6 link ? Which Stagesource would be appropriate in my case if I would be the only input. I noticed the Gemini I and Atomic CLR as other choices. I play in small to medium size venues. Thanks ! .
  8. Interesting. Thanks Geetar !
  9. Hi , I'm wondering if anybody is using a Helix with a Mission Gemini cab and what are your impressions of this setup. Thanks
  10. Sounds like the DT25 / 50 is a good amp on it's own but the integration with POD HD is really what it's all about. As I read through other posts on this forum I'm surprised there's still a lot of wavering on what settings to use ; pre vs. full models, studio direct vs. stack vs. whatever, cab sims on vs. off . I would have thought this scenario of POD L6 to DT would pretty much be "connect and forget" , everything handled for you except your own personal amp & effect settings, like drive , volume, eq, etc. Still seems a bit of trail and error like when connecting to the front of an amp, or amp loop return, or a PE 60 or a PA etc....But overall, looks like most are satisfied. Thanks again !
  11. Wow, that's great, thanks for your reply ! One more question, do you turn off the cab sims when connecting via L6 ? Thanks again !
  12. Hi all; I'm thinking of getting the DT25 combo but can you guys please answer some questions I have ? Thanks so much :) 1) Of the 4 "voicings" they describe Classic American Clean as Fender and Class A Chime as Vox. Would the British Crunch be "Marshallesque" and Modern high-gain be described as Mesa Boogie ? 2) With the later firmware , you get all 30 HD amps loaded. So then how would I select , say, DR.Z in the DT25's channel A ? Would I do that with an editor of some kind ? 3) Does the latching footswitch allow you to go through all 4 voicings within the 2 channels ? Or does the footswitch only allow you to switch channels and to switch voicings you have to be at your amp and flip the switch by hand ? 4) If you connect a POD HD with Link 6, can I assume you can through all your POD presets like your connected to any other amp or FRFR etc ? 5) Can you use just the effects of the POD HD without the POD models ? eg. I want to use the POD tube screamer on the amp's channel A ? 6) What should the POD settings be when connecting via Link 6? Preamp models with STUDIO / DIRECT ? 7) How does the low volume mode sound ? Is it okay for practicing at home ? Sorry if these questions seem so obvious but I've been trying to piece this together and there's a lot of info so it gets a bit confusing. :) Thanks again !
  13. Thanks guys, you bring up some good points. If I'm more interested in just getting sounds out of the POD HD, I suppose there are other alternatives. I hear a lot about the Tech 21 PE 60. anybody have experience with playing the HD500 through one of those ? Thanks !
  14. Hi, Thinking of getting a DT50 head to match up to my Pod HD500. I already have a Mesa 1x12 open back. Would that work okay with the DT50 ? Are the the Line 6 cabs the best match to the DT heads ? I searched around the net for the DT50 2x12 cab but I don't see it for sale anywhere. ? Thanks !
  15. Hi guys; Is there anyone that uses a DT25 or 50 head with a cab other than the matching DT25/50 cab ? Could I use a Mesa C90 cab with the DT25 head ? Would that be okay ? Or does the DT25 head have to be paired specifically with the DT25 cab ? Thanks
  16. Hi; Has anyone tried running a POD HD through the Tech 21 Trademark 60 amp effects return ? I'm assuming the Trademark 60 power section is the same as the Tech 21 Power Engine 60 ? Does anyone know if that's a true statement ? I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. Thanks
  17. Hey guys; This may be a silly question but has anybody actually stacked the DT25 combo on top of a DT25 1x12 extension cab ? Would it provide enough support on stage so it wouldn't tip over ? I'm really leaning towards the DT25 combo since it's not too heavy and for the convenience of small / medium gigs. But I'm thinking I may want to add a 1x12 cab for larger gigs. Or, would the head and two 1X12's be the way to go for ultimate flexibility ? Any thoughts ? Thanks
  18. Ok, I never even noticed these speakers. So I guess Stagescape is the Line 6 response to the Tech 21 PE or Atomic cabs. Do you need the Stage Source mixer to connect to the Stagescape speakers or can you connect directly from the POD HD to the speakers ? Thanks
  19. Looks like Atomic powered is another possibility. Anyone use an HD500 with an Atomic ? Thanks
  20. Hi; I'm on the fence between getting a DT25 or PE60 for my POD HD500. Based on research the PE60 seems a popular choice for the POD. I would prefer the DT25 since it's obviously Line 6 and made to complement the POD but I'm hesitant since sooner or later all Line 6 amps become legacy products with no ongoing support from Line 6. Like Flextone, Vetta, AX2, etc.... I don't mind a POD eventually not getting support. If it goes down, just get a new one. But a $ 1000 amp having problems a few years down the line and not being able to get support ? Well, I'm a little skittish. Does the PE60 sound good enough as a second choice to the DT 25 ? Please share your thoughts guys, and thanks ! Glenbury
  21. Hi, I thought the connection would be an XLR from my POD HD500 to the DT25 ? Wouldn't that give full control over the DT25 ? Sorry, I'm MIDI challenged. I see in the POD manual how it can be used to as a Midi controller. So what additional advantage/control does that give me over the XLR connection ? Thanks so much Glenbury
  22. Thanks for your reply. One more question if you don't mind. I noticed from older forum posts that MANY guys seemed to be having integration issues between the POD HD and their DT amp. The main issue seemed to be the 4 voicings on the DT amp sounded noticeably different from the analogous models on the POD HD. Does anyone know if these issues have been addressed ? Thanks !
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