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  1. Thanks. Is there a way to know which firmware the guitar is on without hooking it up to the computer? I'm guessing no but it sure would be nice.
  2. Well I hooked up but didn't deal with monkey and firmware. No problem in workbench. All I was really interested in was volume leveling strings and just as I remember with my 600, leveling makes a huge difference. I was gonna just play my first gig without doing it but I am so glad I took the trouble. After leveling strings and patches and other tid bits, man, what a difference. It seems to me that line 6 should at least be doing string relative levels as part of programming before the guitar ships out. It's ridiculously unbalanced and if you don't work through that, it really is a problem on gigs. Anyway, all good!
  3. I'm going to hook up my new standard to WBHD shortly. I have no idea what firmware it's on yet. It's new from Sweetwater. So depending on what I see, stick with a certain firmware or just update to the latest for best results and sound? Thanks.
  4. Excellent! Thanks for that. I'm expecting the guitar this Friday and the manual at line 6 is the short 13 page one. I guess a more in depth manual will come with the guitar. You know, my 600 was so awesome for years and then it went on the fritz during sound check and I was forced to play without it for the gig. I really missed it. It was either throw 300 or so bucks for a fix or just move on to the standard with pickups. It'll be nice to just bring one guitar now. Gotta have the pickups for the failsafe. I'm hopeful my pod live xt will power the standard via the line 6 cable like it does with the 600. I'll figure it out soon enough! Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. That stinks. It used to be done right on the guitar without having to do it in software.
  6. I've been a 600 user for years. Now I'm upgrading to a standard. Can't seem to find how to save models to the user banks/toggle position. Is there a certain way to save models into user banks so each different model will be saved to a position of the toggle switch like in the 600? Can anyone detail how to do that? Thanks.
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