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  1. So is there an appreciable advantage over just the combo, other than placing the external elsewhere on the stage?
  2. This certainly has been asked before but I couldn't find it. Is anyone combining the DT-25 combo with an added DT-112 cabinet? If so, is there any apparent increase in volume? And while I'm at it, when doing so, which two speaker outs do you use? Thanks.
  3. problem solved! Thank you 123brummer. I did exactly as you laid out using a contact cleaner/lubricant (Radio Shack) and voila the switches are behaving. $10 and done. Now it should work fine until I succumb to the upcoming HD500X :o .
  4. 123brummer - thanks for this detailed reply. my soldering skills are lacking, but i can certainly give the cleaning a go in hopes of avoiding the switch replacement. glad to know it solved your issues, so that's promising, i find actually the footswitches that are troublesome are the very ones that get used the most, so we'll see - it could be they're worn out. R3fx.com charges $100 for complete replacement with sturdier (or at least heftiier parts) for $100 so that's really not a lot considering.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with getting their PO HD foot switches upgraded by this compnay, r3fx.com. My foot switches have become pretty unreliable lately and I see it getting worse. r3fx.com purports to replace them with better, longer lasting switches but someone out there must have used them by now and I'm curious what your experience was. Frankly, it's hard to imagine having a Line6 repair shop just put in new switches that are just going to wear out again in short order. Thanks!
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