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  1. atreyu2112

    M13 Question, 4cm & 2 Exp Help

    So... I got a EVH 5150 III 50w. The M13 is looking like the perfect fit (latch scene mode to change channels/effects). I have 3 questions and I know this has probably been explained over and over, but I am new to this unit. I am looking to run it in 4 cable mode with expression 1 as a volume and expression 2 as a wah in front of the amp. Is this possible? Is there any way to have the M13 midi control both the channel switching on the amp AND the amps effects loop (the EVH channel switch is a 4 button)? I basically want the effects loop ON at all times. Last, if I can run it like this, is there any way to add a clean boost in there somewhere? I need to bring up the volume on channel one on the amp a bit without muddying (this amp has a shared gain & volume for channels 1 & 2, but for clean cleans there IS a volume difference between 1 & 2). Ideally: Guitar - Volume/Wah - amp. Through the loop: noise gate for ch2&3, chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, reverb. Trails ON for delays and reverb (Think Rush Limelight end of solo into last chorus). I'm currently using a POD XT Live with all of the modeling off, with the midi for channel switching AND using the preset volumes to control the channel volume 1/2 issue ... BUT the wah sounds like lollipop in the loop, along with the rest of the in-front effects.
  2. atreyu2112

    Sv Hd100 Help ... I Got Nothing!

    Yeah, it's gotta be serviced. I'm very sad. I'm gonna be without the amp for a few. I hope it's something simple.
  3. atreyu2112

    Sv Hd100 Help ... I Got Nothing!

    Yes, it's not even letting me do that. Right on power up... 8 black bars and a blank screen.
  4. atreyu2112

    Sv Hd100 Help ... I Got Nothing!

    Well, it was not the ethernet cable as the amp started acting up again today... no sound, volume - just black bars on the screen. UG...
  5. atreyu2112

    Sv Hd100 Help ... I Got Nothing!

    I called them. They were very helpful. The tech did mention the reset too, but my issue turned out to be a faulty ethernet cable for the Short Board. Whew . . . I was getting real nervous. Thanks toneman & Line 6
  6. atreyu2112

    Spider Valve Lcd 8 Black Bars ?

    Dude, I am having the EXACT same problem. And I want to keep mine. I love it! I need help too.
  7. atreyu2112

    Sv Hd100 Help ... I Got Nothing!

    Hi guys. I have the first version head. When I power it on, the screen is half black and half blank. The board reads "FBV SB MKII". No sound, no presets. It is staying this way. No power surge, nothing through the loop & tubes look to be OK (they are old tho), all are lit and seated properly. Amp was sounding fine and I have never had an issue with it before. I bought it new (original owner) and I treat it well. I don't know what to do and none of the techs around here are really familiar with hybrid amps. Is it simply a bad power tube or am I in trouble? HELP. Thanks in advance.