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  1. Thanks for your input Joel. I tried this setup and I got no sound at all out of the amp. Is this something that works on some amps and not others or should it worked across the board? Wondering if there's some kind of defeat on Blackstar amps or something that would prevent me doing what seems like a simple setup. Turned up all the controls as well. It's a 20 watt tube amp so thinking it should work.
  2. I have a Blackstar HT-20 with an fx send and return. I've used the HD500X in my amp via traditional FX loop, 4 cable method (4CM), and straight. I've heard you can also use the HD500X as the preamp and use your amp's power section only. I've seen a few threads on this well. Can someone please explain the exact routing as far as cables go in order to use just the power amp section of my amp. Please dont jsut say FX return to....please state which device as well. It seems simple enough but I'm missing something ... Thanks!
  3. Joel (and others) - I was probably a little frustrated when I posted that to be fair to L6. I returned it and got another one. I reacted poorly the first time. Enough said there. Was I immature? Yes. But I'm not an idiot. And there's never a reason to call someone that.
  4. This topic is 6 years old and I am having the same problem now. Are you kidding me Line 6? You haven't solved this issues on the HD500X aftyer this long???? BAck to Guitar Center it goes. Wont ever buy a Line 6 product again. No excuse for this. This unit should have never been shipped. I updated all the drivers and firmware and it worked for 1 day. It died after 1 day. 1 day! Not good - I am a professional musician you just lost votes which equal dollars. Should have gone with the Headrush. At least I know its reliable.
  5. Hi all. I tried searching the forum but wasnt really sure how to ask this in a search window. So here goes to: Is there away to change channels on my Blackstar amp using the HD500X instead of my 1/4-inch footswitch? I know the GT-100 has a way to do this. Curious if the HD500X can do it without the need for a MIDI connection as my Blackstar HT-20 doesn't have one. Thanks!
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