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  1. djangobole


    sorry I cant get it to do anything at all, giving up, thanks for your help.
  2. djangobole


    I have it open but cant see a save button?
  3. djangobole


    i am using an M track M-Audio, but i dont know where to go from here, i get the editor up and dont know what to do next?, is there a user manual?
  4. djangobole


    how do i use the DTedit ?
  5. thanks i downloaded the DTedit , still confused, i need an idiots guide please, where do i start , bassically i want to put the gibbo185 into the amp.
  6. just bought a dt25, and did the firmware update, now i'm new to all this but how do i dial up the new amp sounds? is there a list of how to do it or instructions like the bit of card that came with the amp showing you hoe to set up the four amps...help...I'm thick
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